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Julian Palmer

Q&A with Julian's about his upcoming entheo-mentary: "CONTEMPLATIONS"

Julian was born in country North East Victoria in Australia, where his father worked as an agricultural journalist and editor.


After moving to the far north coast of NSW when he was 24, he quickly got seriously into psychedelics and since that time hasn’t really stopped exploring and learning about them and the states they could catalyze.


Articulations is his life work (at least to this point), and sums up about everything he wants to say about psychedelics. His next projects involve creating innovate film erotica and exploring indigenous psychoactive plants that are unknown to the western mind.

Julian likes traveling, making electronic music, making flower essences, reading and writing, exploring deep nature and communicating.

Nick Talks Random Bollocks about life as a
consensual plant slave

Nick Sun is the current individuated ego expression of 5th dimensional consciousness incarnating within a 3rd dimensional flesh suit in order to navigate this simulation often mistaken as life on Earth in this moment.

After emerging from his mother’s womb amidst loud protests sometime in the late 20th century, he was cast upon this Earth in the prerequisite state of spiritual amnesia. In this state he began performing standup comedy around the world, winning many prestigious competitions and occasionally appearing on the box of mass delusion otherwise known as network television.

For thirteen long years he toured the world performing standup comedy to drunk strangers in various contexts to varying degrees of success. Unfortunately, his comedy routines often came from a place of childhood unhealed wounds. On top of this, the ego-driven, addiction-addled world of showbiz was not the most conducive environment for spiritual development and somewhere around 2014 Nick found himself finally hitting a medium-sized rock bottom and going through what is known by mystics of various traditions as ‘The Dark Night of the Soul.’
What followed then was a 6 year process of spiritual emergence and self-initiation, catalysed and guided by a deep dive into the wide range of healing modalities, including qi gong, meditation, prayer, karma yoga, ceremony and shamanic healing.

Following in the footsteps of his late grandfather, who was a herbalist and healer in the Himalayas, Nick continues to help people heal and awaken as a qi gong teacher and shamanic healer. He is also a workshop facilitator, running what he calls, ‘Reconnection Workshops.’ – A variety of workshops that incorporate a wide range of modalities that all seek to heal the base level separation that is responsible for the wide range of issues afflicting modern human beings.


In his spare time he is also working on his book – a comedic take on the process of spiritual awakening via the plant path, tracing the unorthodox spiritual emergence process that he went through in the hope that it might help shed some light on the similar processes that many people seem to be undergoing at the moment.

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